We at Jersey Driving School, Inc. offer different services to cater to each customer's individual needs. Whether you are starting out for the first time or have already began with a relative, friend or perhaps a different driving school we can help you no matter which step of the way you are at. Depending on where you are at in the process will determine what service we offer will be needed. At Jersey Driving School, Inc. we can handle a very basic service of taking you to the DMV to purchase your permit and take a vision test all the way up to accompanying you to your driving test. Below you will see a list of the services we provide individually but the best way to go about it is to ask yourself one question. How old are you? Your answer will determine which tab up above you should select to see the path you must now take to obtain a permit.
Vision Test Service - The V/T service is where each applicant must pass a vision test administered by the MVC in person. We provide a service where we pick up the applicant and accompany them to the MVC to have this test administered. Keep in mind a permit must be purchased before taking this test which is typically done that same day just before taking the test. 

Written Test Service - The W/T service is where each applicant must pass a written test which is technically done on a computer. With this service we offer our students two options. Option 1 is where the applicant signs up at our office to review our study guides. We have set up questions and answers for our students to review and be quizzed on by our staff. Once the applicant does well on the practice tests we take them up to the MVC to take the actual test. The transportation to the MVC is included in the fee paid to study. Option 2 would be where we hand the applicant the driver's manual and they study it at their own leisure. Once they feel that they have remembered all of the info we take them up to the MVC to take the test. Option 1 is clearly the better option because the applicant will be learning all the necessary information for the test. Our study guides are set up multiple choice style just like it is on the computer. Also, the best part is that if the applicant happens to fail the test, they can always come back into the office to refresh on the questions they answered incorrectly as well as all of the others at NO EXTRA CHARGE. On top of that, we will bring you back to the MVC at NO EXTRA CHARGE. 

Driving Lessons - Our driving lessons are one-on-one as they are required by law. When we administer a driving lesson to our students we mean business. We make it a fun experience but we always keep it professional because at the end of the day, a mistake in driving is no laughing matter. Our patient instructors cover the most basic things in driving such as adjusting your seat or starting the car to the more complex things such as parallel parking or highway driving. Depending on your level will determine what is covered from day 1 going forward. All lessons begin with the student in the driver's seat. Those days you sat in the passenger or back seats are over. We cover all the necessary steps in learning how to drive. There are 14 key components we must cover. They are: Starting, Steering, Stopping, Turning, Backing, Vehicle Positioning, Speed Control, Intersection Control, Attitude, Attention, K-Turn, Pull Over, Parking and Highway. Highway is the only component that would not be on your driving test. Remember that each person is different so figuring out how many lessons one would need can only be determined after taking one or more to see what level you are at. Peoples' nerves are the number one indicator as to how long one will take to grasp driving. The more nervous one is the more practice he or she will need. 

Road Test Service - The R/T service is where we accompany the student to the MVC on their test day. We pick them up at home or school, we drive up, then they take their test in our car. Once they pass they go into the agency to get their license. The best idea out of all of this would be to take a lesson either the day before or just before the test to refresh their memory on all the key points that are covered, if time allows of course. Keep in mind one big difference between Jersey Driving School, Inc. and not all other driving schools but many is that we wait for our students to complete the whole driving experience. What we mean is that many driving schools will only take you to the MVC, let you use their car, then leave you there to call for a ride or bring you back for you to then go back a different day with a relative or friend. In my eyes that is unprofessional and disappointing. We take you, allow you to use our car which is the same one you had been practicing in, and lastly wait for you to process your license. That is what we call Full Service which is what you will get EVERY time with us. 

16 Year Olds - If you are 16 and want to start driving you must enroll with a driving school, THAT IS THE LAW. Once you have parental permission, the student may set up an appointment with a driving school to be taken to the MVC to purchase a permit and take the vision test. At that time the student must also present to the MVC proof that they passed the written exam in school with a waiver which is typically called the BLUE CARD. If the student has not passed that exam in school they must take it at the MVC on their computer. If you need help with this just click on the Written Test Service tab. Once both tests (Vision and Written) have been passed, the student's info is entered into their system at the MVC and now they are off to the road. EVERY 16 year old must take 6 hours of behind the wheel training. Obviously, students can take more if they or there parents feel the need for it but 6 is all that is required by law. Upon completing the 6 hours of driving their permit needs to be validated at the MVC at which time they will set up their appointment to take their driving test.
17 Year Olds + - If you are 17 and want to start driving you do not need to go through a driving school. At 17 you can walk into any MVC agency with mom or dad and purchase a permit. If you are 18 you can go alone. 17 year olds and older must present 6 points of ID at the MVC to purchase their permit. Like everyone else each applicant must pass a V/T and W/T before being qualified to practice driving. Obviously no matter what age you are if you have never been behind the wheel it would be smart to take a few lessons. Remember that when you go out on the road with someone else their car is not equipped with a dual brake and they are probably not ready for what is about to happen so that is why we suggest going out with a trained instructor to at least break the ice.