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In 1981, Joseph and Guilhermina Cerqueira decided to embark on a challenging quest. They decided to do something many people dream of doing one day in their lifetime which is to own their own business. Due to their extreme patience and commitment to helping people learn how to drive they were able to start Jersey Driving School, Inc. back in 81 and still remain in the forefront of driver education to this day. Fast forward three decades later, Jersey Driving School, Inc. is a second generation driving school serving the Northern Jersey area customers with exceptional teaching skills. Safety is paramount in our day to day operation which is why Jersey Driving School, Inc. only selects the most patient and qualified instructors to be out on the road with your child or loved one. If you never experienced driving before or have but just want to tweak some rough areas, Jersey Driving School, Inc. is where you will overcome your fears or weaknesses. 

Licensed - Bonded- Insured (Approved by MVC) 
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  Parents Info
We at Jersey Driving School, Inc. are very committed to making sure all procedures in driving are followed so that no one gets hurt or disappointed. Unfortunately there are others who do not care to follow the procedures due to profits. As the old saying goes it's quality not quantity that counts. This section on our website is dedicated to make sure parents are aware of what the rules are and how their experience should pan out. 

1) All applicants must pass a V/T and W/T before they start driving. We bring this up because we have come across stories where a driving school mails you an application then you return it filled out with the necessary documents for the driving school to purchase your permit in advance. This process is LEGAL. The problem is that the instructor then picks up your child one day and has them drive up to the MVC to take their vision test and show their written test waiver. THIS IS ILLEGAL. It is illegal because even though they possess a permit, they have yet to be cleared to drive by the MVC because the MVC does not know if they can see or if they have passed the knowledge test. So please be aware that your child cannot get into that driver's seat until they physically have gone to the MVC to show them their waiver and that they can see. On a side note, some driving schools are legally bound to administer these tests but they must be done at their office. 

2) All driving lessons must be administered on a one-on-one basis. No other students are allowed in the car, EVER. Many driving schools put extra kids in the car when doing lessons because they want to save money. While your child sits in the back seat they are being charged time towards their 6 hours. That is ILLEGAL. 6 hours behind the wheel literally means that. Your child has sat in the back seat for many years, now is their time to apply what they have learned, besides I don't know who would want to pay for their child to watch from the back seat. So remember, at no point should your child be in the car with another student because you are being timed and ripped off. 

3) There are two levels of licensing for a driving school. One can have the most basic one which is called an agent's license or the other which is an instructor's license. The one main difference between the two is that an agent can work for a driving school and do everything in its' capacity except for actual driving instruction. That is the only difference. There are some driving schools who hire people to become agents and use them to teach students which is ILLEGAL. In over 12 years of teaching I have personally been asked once or twice to produce my instructor's license to a student. I don't know why it has not happened many more times. You would never know unless you asked. I encourage people to ask because we need to weed out those who are teaching illegally.